How many teams do you have?

We have teams in the following Age Brackets: 12 – under, 14 and under, and 16 and under.

What are your Age Requirements?

12 and under -Born May 1st, 1994 or later
14 and under – Born May 1st, 1992 or later
16 and under – Born May 1st, 1990 or later

How often do you play games?

We typically play single games or double-headers on weekends. Some league games may be played during the week. All tournaments are played on the weekend.

How many games are in a season?

Each of our teams generally play around 30-50 games during a summer season.

How often do you practice?

Practice schedules vary by team and game schedule. Teams usually practice at least twice a week.

How many Players are on a team?

Generally, we carry 12-15 players on a team roster based on the fact one or two players typically fail to make a game due to illness, injury, or family/school issues.

What Does it cost?

Our player fee is $500 per player per season. A $250 deposit is due at sign up, and the balance is due by January 1.

What is covered with the player fee?

Tournament entry fees; administrative cost; baseballs; team equipment; umpire fees; Each player receives two complete uniforms; team bat bag; team hat; team shorts; BP Shirts; Individual batting helmet.

Are there any additional Cost?

Players are responsible for purchase of team jacket and personalized third game jersey. Some workouts with college and professional instructors may require fee from players. Travel to games and tournaments, along with lodging and meal expenses are the responsibility of the player/parent.

What if I cannot afford the players fee?

Cy Young Travel Baseball does have fundraising programs, reduced fee, and payment programs for those who need them. For the most part, we try to work with a family’s budget if they truly cannot afford the players fees.

Can a player be cut during the season?

For the most part, once a player is accepted on a team we do not cut the player. However, if a player is a discipline issue, we reserve the right to cut a player at any time. If we cut a player, all player fees paid for the season will be refunded.

What if a player quits?

We do not issue refunds for any player who chooses to leave the team.

What do you look for in a player?

Character, courtesy, team spirit, enthusiasm, discipline, respect, outstanding work ethic, top baseball skills/talent, commitment to development, coach ability, and the desire to be the best player possible.

Is financial support/sponsorship of teams available?

YES- efforts are continually underway to solicit and secure substantial charitable and/or corporate or individual sponsorship to assist with all teams expenditures/ Our teams welcome any monetary and/or material support on our program.

Is playing time equal for all players?

No, playing time is a coaching decision and will be handled as such. Naturally, more talented and advanced players will see more playing time. But all players will receive ample opportunity to develop and fine tune their baseball skills by playing in games.

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